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WOW has it been over 4 months! September 4, 2009

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I can’t believe I have not posted in over 4 months!  Here is a quick update on the Edwards Clan:

Jack went back to school (Univ of Central Florida) so he can get his C.P.A. and work on finishing his Masters.  His financial planning business is doing well and he is really enjoying it!  He has an office in the building next to his dads Dental office, so he gets to see him more often (which is awesome!!)

Little Jack started 3rd grade and is continuing in the Gifted Program.  He is really enjoying school this year!  I often feel like Im on “Are you Smarter than a 3rd Grader?” though.  I don’t think archaeologist is a word that a 3rd grader should have on his spelling test (do you?) ………. he aced his first spelling test ! Some of the other words were anticipated, hieroglyphics (ok, I don’t think I spelled that one right) lol.  Cub scouts started back up (TONIGHT!), and AWANAS started last Wednesday. He is now a T & T!! He is growing up!

Hannah is my social butterfly (whats new?)  Each day when she gets off the bus, I get to hear about her day, and it goes a little something like this (DAILY):

 “So, today Jordan said she is my best friend, but Alexa said Im weird”  “I think Liam like me he’s always calling me names”  “Can I invite Sara and Micah to my next bday party, their my best friends”.    

Did I mention she is VERY social?  She is in 1st grade gifted now and is also LOVING school. She loves to learn! She really likes homework (not sure how long this will last).  She also attends AWANA and is in Sparkies.

Brendan. Brendan. Brendan.  My wild child. (still) He is so much fun and a whole lotta BOY!  He loves to run, play and SING!  He memorizes songs quite quickly (if he likes the song) and will sing anywhere, anytime.  Today at dinner he was singing the Subway Song “Five, Five Dollar, Five Dollar Footlong”.  Yes, as I said, he sings ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!   He is now in AWANA also and is a CUBBIE!  We have decided to hold off on preschool til next year when he is 4.

Clara is now 17m old. She is growing up so fast. Too fast.  She is extremely sweet and calm.  She is the only one of my children that will sit and play quietly in her playpen for hours if I let her.(when the other 3 were her age, they would not step foot in a playpen)   She is fiesty though and does NOT let Brendan take her toys or push her around.  She stands her ground well for being so tiny!

And me- Im keeping up with all the above. 🙂  Sometimes well, sometimes, BARELY!  Im working on being more organized……..more punctual……and figuring out how to add an extra hour or two to my day (anyone have the secret?)   I have taken a leader position again in cub scouts, we have 8 boys in our den, whew. I have a co-leader which I am very thankful for!  I began attending a Wednesday morning Bible study that I absolutely LOVE.  I have been working on some fundraisers for a local church & preschool that burned to the ground 2wks ago.  That has been consuming a lot of my time.  Trying to think of new ways to raise money.  We are having a bake sale this Sunday. And in the next week or two Im running a coupon class, in lieu of payment, everyone will be bringing school supplies for the preschool. 

Work starts on the 15th of September also. I will be giving Flu shots throughout Flu season.  I REALLY enjoyed this last year, so Im really looking forward to it!!

Well there ya have it, an update on the whole gang.  I  really hope to blog more, but as I said earlier, Im working on time management/organization and well,  trying to fit in the family blog is difficult!! 

I hope all of you are doing well!


Happy Mothers Day 2009! May 11, 2009

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I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Mothers Day!  Today was the best Mothers Day yet! I was able to hang out with my kids, Jack, AND MY MOM! Yay!  I woke up to breakfast in bed and a pile of cards. Hannah handmade about 4 cards, Jack made 2, Brendan & Clara made one together 😉  i also received a wonderful plant from lil Jack, candy, and a beautiful clay duck made by Hannah. 

I took my time getting ready for the day, then Hannah, Clara & I headed out to Leesburg to visit with my mom & dad!  We had a great time.  On the way home we stopped for lunch at Beef O’Brady’s. Mom joined us and we were able to chat for awhile.  I just love quality time with my mom.  And, it was nice to share that time with my own girls!

Headed home (1hr 15min drive-ugh!) and I walked into a spotless house!  Jack, Jack & Brendan cleaned my kitchen(even the floors!) and vacuumed the whole house—–with my NEW VACUUM!!! yay! I was so surprised, and very greatful. What great boys I have! 

I took Brendan & Jack out for some mommy time next.  We did a little shopping and picked up a baby pool for our side yard, came home and PLAYED in the pool.  Jack surprised me with a steak from Ruby Tuesdays – it was REALLY YUMMY! 

What a wonderful day!  Was able to spend time – precious time – with my beautiful babies,  awesome husband, and the most special woman in my life-my mother!     Jack  & Jack headed to the Magic game at 7p, and I put the younger ones to bed so I could relax!  Pics to come 🙂


Its been awhile…. April 30, 2009

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Brendan saying "cheese" for the camera

Brendan saying "cheese" for the camera

Busy Busy!  Cubscouts,  the family business, planning mom & dad’s 50th party, jobhunting, kids homework, school activities, cleaning, cooking, playdates,  coffee w/ friends, shopping, leader meetings, fundraising, trying to start another business,  Its been CRAZY CRAZY in the Edwards home.  And, I have had NO VAN for the last TWO WEEKS!!! It’s been in the shop – much needed transmission work- AND they fixed my A.C. woohoo.  But, living with one vehicle is tough.  I never knew how much I relied on having 2 vehicles. 

I will try to be better at this blog.  For now, here are some pics from today.  I took Brendan for a walk …… he has decided that being almost 3 means he is too old for naps….so I have been going on LONG walks with him to get all his energy out!  He is my energizer bunny…non-stop all day!!!   “sissy, please please walk with me” – his words, so Hannah came along too.



Birds walking with us

Birds walking with us

Bald Eagles Nest

Bald Eagles Nest








Hannah found a rock, Brendan told it "Rock, SAY CHEESE for mommy"

Hannah found a rock, Brendan told it "Rock, SAY CHEESE for mommy"


"For YOU Mommy" (Brendan picked a flower for me)

"For YOU Mommy" (Brendan picked a flower for me)


Our baby is 1 ! March 29, 2009

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I can not believe our little Clara is one.  The year went by way too fast!  For her actual bday we sang to her throughout the day.  Brendan absolutely loved that-loved singing away all day.  We put a princess tiara on her and had princess cupcakes after dinner.  We have a big party tomorrow at grandpa Chips house.  Praying for nice weather…..rain is predicted.  I will post pics when I can.

Hannah had a casting call today.  This one was different from the others we’ve been to.  Usually, we get a job.  We’re already chosen from her comp card/head shots and we go to the job and we’re done.  Today, it was a “go see”.   That’s what they call it.  You go to a photographers studio and they take a short video/picture.  Hannah had to hold up a number and say her name, then turn in a circle.  Well, when we arrived, the line was out the door and around the building.  Thank goodness it wasn’t 90 today as they had predicted.  It was warm, with a nice breeze.  The line went fairly quick and she did great.  The casting is for a Brighthouse Cable advertisement.  They are casting for all different types of people, all ethnicities, kids, adults, parents, grandparents, business looks, etc.  We were number 3 hundred twenty something.  YIKES!!  She is a great sport about it.  Thankfully, she doesn’t see it as a competition, but she sees it as fun!  She loves to be in front of the camera.  🙂  She has been asking for acting classes.   We told her we would think about it.    If she gets this job, we definitely will get her acting classes as the pay is really good.  If not, we will have to wait awhile as they are really pricey!

Jacks first pinewood derby race went great.  He made an “Orlando Magic” car.  It was an awesome bonding day with grandpa, Uncle Carter, and Dad!   He didn’t place this time, but daddy learned all the secrets from the other dads at the race and is sure they will do better next year.  🙂  This Monday is the monthly pack meeting.  Jack will be earning his WOLF BADGE!! I’m so proud of all the work he has done this year.   We’re inviting some of the family to come and watch him earn. 

Im off to bed-tomorrow will be a LONG but super fun day!!!!


Notes from the kids March 9, 2009

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Yesterday, I came home from shopping to find the cutest notes around the house from the kids. (I added a pic of a few). They were in random places, one was on the fridge door, one was sitting on top of the tupperware in the fridge (Jack knew we were having that for lunch I guess) and there were some taped to brendan’s crib!  Here are a few I thought were too cute not to share:

Dear mom & dad. From Jack.  I love you. You are such great parents

To: Hannah from Jack, You are a good sister. Your very pretty and smart.

Dear: My wonderful sister Emma, Love Hannah your sissy:  Hope you are having lots of fancy fun in heaven!

To: My pretty mom, From: Jack  Your so pretty, I want to stay with you forever!

To: Emma, Love Jack  I saw you in a couple of pictures and you are so pretty. I wish you were here with us.

To: Mom & Dad, love, Hannah.   You are the best. Thank you for all that you do for me.  I love you. you are the best parents that I’ve ever had (hehe)

To: Brendan From:Jack  You are an awesome brother! I love you buddy.

notes from the kids

notes from the kids



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I should be back to the blog world again. 🙂   We went through some sickness’s here, and today, all kids are back to school.  Hubby is still sick though. He did make it to work, but he’s not feeling too great.  

Last week I took the two younger ones to a painting playgroup. They were allowed to get as messy as they wanted!





Still here! February 27, 2009

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Im still here!!  I’ve been thinking about blogging…meaning to do it….but not finding the time. So, just a quick one today.   We have been super busy with cubscouts lately.  The big blue & gold banquet is tomorrow and a lot of planning goes into that for the pack.  As far as our den, we have been practicing our skit and preparing our flag and placemats for our family.  Unfortunately, Jack won’t be able to make it, it will just be me & the kids (minus Brendan, who would not make it through a 3hr meeting–in fact, Im not sure Hannah will be still during it!)  Yesterday we had a den meeting at the park across from our house.  Mr. Dillon-one of the dads- taught the boys how to fold a flag.  He is so patient with the boys.  

I’m not sure if I posted already – but We found a new church that the whole family loves! Although we miss Northland terribly, the drive was wearing on us, and the church has grown SO much that the kids programs were getting out of hand! The kids were getting “lost” in the big groups.  I still visit pastor Joel’s blog and follow him in the news as well.  We will be visiting them when we can.  It really pulls on my heartstrings…. pastor Joel, as busy as he is, and as big as his congregation is, he visited us in the hospital when I was waiting to deliver Emma.  He was on vacation, writing a book actually, when he and his wife stopped by.  That really touched my heart!   The new church we are attending has an awesome childrens program.   The kids are enjoying it very much.   And, there are many different adult small groups, bible studies, and sports.  And, the pastor,  is enthusiastic and on fire for the Lord! 

Coast2Coast is heading into it’s busy season.  Good for business, difficult for mom.  2 little ones and a phone ringing non-stop is not easy to juggle.  We are blessed that we have been able to stay afloat during this economic disaster.  So, I can’t complain.  I just need to do some rearranging with our schedules and even my “office”. 

Clara’s 1st bday is fast approaching.  My best friend MB did an awesome job AGAIN with her 1st bday photos.  http://www.northstarphotos.com/blog/?p=612   🙂  I can’t believe my baby will be 1.  Time flies when your having fun. 🙂   Clara really enjoyed her cake and her photo session.  We still have lots of planning to do.

Jack is doing awesome in his new class.  (he moved to the 3rd grade gifted class, from the 2nd grade gifted class, due to class size).  The new teacher is challenging him, and he loves it.  I really wish I could remember the spelling words he brought home to study last night.  Some of them were so difficult-I had to look them up myself!  Jack is improving a lot with his handwriting too.  The new teacher is strict with handwriting, so he has no choice!!! 🙂

Im off to try and catch up with laundry… a difficult task for me!  I’d rather do 20 sinks full of dishes than fold laundry!!


Quick updates February 6, 2009

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2 nights in a row of below freezing temps. The kids loved the icicles!!  In a few days the highs will be  in the 80’s.  Florida is such a crazy state!! 

Clara is SO close to walking. She wants to, and she tries, she just can’t keep her balance yet.  She absolutely LOVES praise.  She lights up like a glow worm everytime we clap for her.  She loves the attention…hmm another Hannah? Also, she has been signed to the same agency as Hannah!  I would love them to be in an ad together-how fun!

Brendan….we started potty training.  All of my kids trained by their 3rd bday. So, no rush since he is only 2 1/2.   But, we are starting the process………

Hannah was picked for a BJ’s Shoes print job.  We were contacted by them on Wednesday, waiting for more details from our agent.  This time I will be much more prepared.  And, I think Hannah is much more comfortable now too.  Many people ask if she enjoys this. She absolutely LOVES being in front of the camera.  LOVES it!! She is always asking me if she can be a model for MB again. (My best friend Mary Beth is a professional photographer).  The jobs Hannah goes on (so far at least) have been wonderful!  No pressure, lots of direction, lots of other lil girls her age, all having a blast.  The clients really cater to them too.  They have toys, movies, books, and LOTS of food!  And I get to chat with all the other moms 🙂    We are putting  most of her money into her college fund.  She is allowed to spend some if she chooses.  She already asked if she could spend some of this job’s money on cooking classes!  She is a cooking fanatic.  I let her watch the Food Network-she loves it!  Hannah also started gifted and loves it.  The school doesn’t have a Kindergarten Gifted Class because there are only 2 K students, so they join the 1st & 2nd grade class for about 45min per day.  So, she gets to hang out with her big brother every day.  She’s already learning so much! She did a project on natural resources that was amazing! 

Jack is going to be recognized this Sunday for “Scout Sunday”.  Our home church does not do anything for the cubscouts, so we are heading over to a friends church with some fellow scouts in our pack.  They will show their colors/flags  and then stay for the sermon.  This week I had the boys in our den pick up litter and discuss recycling & pollution.  Then we made placemats for an upcoming dinner we have with our pack.  We also practiced our skit-which I hope to get on video soon!

I’m super busy planning our big 1st bday party for Clara next month.  It’s the last first bday party we will have for our kids- so it will be BIG!  All of our 1st bday parties are big.  After the 1st one, we usually just have small at home parties or go out to dinner.  So, I’ve been quite busy with that.  I also helped to start up a local coupon group – love it!  And I’ve been busy with cubscout leader responsibilities.

Jack has been busy growing his financial practice.  And, he’s been working on Coast2Coast alot as well!  Getting ready for busy season.


Pack Meeting 1/26 January 28, 2009

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Jack had a pack meeting on his birthday.  Our den and the other wolf den were chosen to present the flags.  Jack received his basketball beltloop, bowling beltloop, and a FREEZING WEATHER patch! haha. Can you believe they have those? I thought it was fake-nope it’s a BSA approved patch!  I guess most packs dont camp in below freezing temps—- I wonder why…..

After our pack meeting, we headed to Publix so he could pick out 1/2 gallon of ice cream.  Publix gives our free ice cream certificates when you earn the A honor roll. Yay!! He picked peanutbutter googoo.  lol. i tried to hint around to egg nog or brownie/cookie dough flavor….but he knows what he likes! hahaha.

A few bday pics

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A few pics from Jacks surprise party.  I really wish I had taken more 😦