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WOW has it been over 4 months! September 4, 2009

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I can’t believe I have not posted in over 4 months!  Here is a quick update on the Edwards Clan:

Jack went back to school (Univ of Central Florida) so he can get his C.P.A. and work on finishing his Masters.  His financial planning business is doing well and he is really enjoying it!  He has an office in the building next to his dads Dental office, so he gets to see him more often (which is awesome!!)

Little Jack started 3rd grade and is continuing in the Gifted Program.  He is really enjoying school this year!  I often feel like Im on “Are you Smarter than a 3rd Grader?” though.  I don’t think archaeologist is a word that a 3rd grader should have on his spelling test (do you?) ………. he aced his first spelling test ! Some of the other words were anticipated, hieroglyphics (ok, I don’t think I spelled that one right) lol.  Cub scouts started back up (TONIGHT!), and AWANAS started last Wednesday. He is now a T & T!! He is growing up!

Hannah is my social butterfly (whats new?)  Each day when she gets off the bus, I get to hear about her day, and it goes a little something like this (DAILY):

 “So, today Jordan said she is my best friend, but Alexa said Im weird”  “I think Liam like me he’s always calling me names”  “Can I invite Sara and Micah to my next bday party, their my best friends”.    

Did I mention she is VERY social?  She is in 1st grade gifted now and is also LOVING school. She loves to learn! She really likes homework (not sure how long this will last).  She also attends AWANA and is in Sparkies.

Brendan. Brendan. Brendan.  My wild child. (still) He is so much fun and a whole lotta BOY!  He loves to run, play and SING!  He memorizes songs quite quickly (if he likes the song) and will sing anywhere, anytime.  Today at dinner he was singing the Subway Song “Five, Five Dollar, Five Dollar Footlong”.  Yes, as I said, he sings ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!   He is now in AWANA also and is a CUBBIE!  We have decided to hold off on preschool til next year when he is 4.

Clara is now 17m old. She is growing up so fast. Too fast.  She is extremely sweet and calm.  She is the only one of my children that will sit and play quietly in her playpen for hours if I let her.(when the other 3 were her age, they would not step foot in a playpen)   She is fiesty though and does NOT let Brendan take her toys or push her around.  She stands her ground well for being so tiny!

And me- Im keeping up with all the above. 🙂  Sometimes well, sometimes, BARELY!  Im working on being more organized……..more punctual……and figuring out how to add an extra hour or two to my day (anyone have the secret?)   I have taken a leader position again in cub scouts, we have 8 boys in our den, whew. I have a co-leader which I am very thankful for!  I began attending a Wednesday morning Bible study that I absolutely LOVE.  I have been working on some fundraisers for a local church & preschool that burned to the ground 2wks ago.  That has been consuming a lot of my time.  Trying to think of new ways to raise money.  We are having a bake sale this Sunday. And in the next week or two Im running a coupon class, in lieu of payment, everyone will be bringing school supplies for the preschool. 

Work starts on the 15th of September also. I will be giving Flu shots throughout Flu season.  I REALLY enjoyed this last year, so Im really looking forward to it!!

Well there ya have it, an update on the whole gang.  I  really hope to blog more, but as I said earlier, Im working on time management/organization and well,  trying to fit in the family blog is difficult!! 

I hope all of you are doing well!


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